Mr Rossi

L'autore A true Roman native, Papik started skateboarding in 1987 with other pioneers of the Italian scene, including Giampiero Pelusi (photographer for XXX Skateboard Magazine, the first of this kind in Italy), Carlo de Liso and Jekill Albertini. He was an avid traveller of the States, including Philadelphia, New York and San Francisco. The Californian town helped to inspire his style of skateboarding and the creation of his own company Trustever in 1996. In 1999 Sergio Toni curated Papik's first photography solo-show in Rome. He went on to participate in the collective exhibition "Mania", organised by Cecilia Nesbitt in the Roma Termini Station. Papik also collabotated with Nesbitt in the shows "30% Acrilico" at the Museum of Roma in Trastevere and "Now Underground". In 2004, he made a sofa that had the ability to turn into a skatable structure, presented at the "Uban Edge Show" and in the off scene of the Capital. For some year he ran a gallery in Rome, "Cuattro" in order to circulate the underground brands created from the series. Amongst the many initiatives this space supported the co-production of the book Just Push the Button, with the brands Slam Jam, Stussy and Carhartt. As part of a sub-culture for vinyl funk is known better as "DJ Real Merda", in this role he is part of the project "Roma Soul Brother".

Mr Rossi: Papik Rossi: Libri
Mr Rossi: Papik Rossi: Libri
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Mr. Rossi Looks For Happiness (Part 1 of 6)

Our hero Mr. Rossi searches for happiness in a variety of magical places.

Mr Rossi theme tune (intro/outro)

All together now: Viva, viva happiness, Tried to catch it, no success, Viva, viva happiness, "Hello, I'm Mr. Rossi" Mr. Rossi, what you want? All the tray of ice ...

Mr Rossi's Vacation Part 1/6

Part 1 of Mr Rossi's Vacation. The last of the 3 Mr Rossi movies which were split up into a 12 part series which ran on CITV in the 1980s. This is the English dub ...


Against his will, Mister Rossi ends up in Venice, in a very dirty lagoon among hazardous and unsteady buildings and on board of overloaded and unsafe ...


Mister Rossi goes to the mountains for a weekend, giving start to a chain of astounding skiing adventures... Il signor Rossi decide di trascorrere il weekend in ...

mr rossi theme tune

Classic version of Mr Rossi... in English... !

Signor Rossi Theme (Viva La Felicità)

Mr. Rossi At Photo Safari

1971, Bruno Bozetto, Italy.


Feeling the dreadful heat of a summer spent in town, Mister Rossi starts dreaming and planning a well-deserved holiday.... Il signor Rossi, nella calda atmosfera ...

Mr Rossi songs

Short songs that will make you smile: The Cannibal Song, The Tree Song, The Egyptian Song. :)

What a Wonderful World Mr Rossi

This is a hard one for me to put out there, but I figure I need to swallow my pride and give my students a chance to sing along. Almost all of the songs that Mr.

1. Herr Rossi sucht das Glück (In der Steinzeit/Im Alten Rom)

Die ersten Folge vom legendären Herrn Rossi auf der Suche nach dem Glück.

Mr Rossi Dreams Vacation Part 1

Mr. Rossi. What can I say? Few have ever heard of this little gem of a cartoon. But those who did watch it back in the 80's will certainly enjoy the nostalgia.

Mr. Rossi Looks For Happiness (Part 2 of 6)

Les vacances de Mr.Rossi (1)

Les vacances de Mr.Rossi (french) il signor rossi.

Mr Rossi feat UFO - Return Trip

Artist: Mr. Rossi Title: Return Trip Label: Electric Kingdom (UK) Format: Vinyl, 12" Country: UK Released: 1996 Genre: Electronic Style: Hard House, Acid, Tech ...

Mr Rossi's Vacation Part 6/6

The final part of Mr Rossi's Vacation by Bruno Bozzetto.

La Bamba - Mr Rossi and Mr Griffin

This is Mr. Rossi and Mr. Griffin singing "La Bamba" a traditional folk song from Mexico that was made popular in the late 1950s by Ricardo Valenzuela, also ...

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