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The app that deletes your texts from a FRIEND'S phone

The app that deletes your texts from a FRIEND'S phone: Snapchat-style Ansa destroys messages and photos remotely ...


Check out this cool new app called Ansa! Click play and learn more about their awesome features.

Ansa Geo Fencing

Here we show the power of Geo Fencing Marketing for Standards.

Banx & Ranx + Ella Eyre - Answerphone ft. Yxng Bane (Official Video)

Download/Stream Answerphone here: FOLLOW BANX & RANX ...

ANSACARD - Gets Business Done

ANSACARD is the ANSATAG enabled business card that gets business done and is your business card for life. A person simply needs to SCAN, TAP or TEXT ...

Ansa & Minsa

[Ansa] is daughter of Mohammad Rizwan.she is 7 month old and [Minsa] is sister of Ansa.Mohammad Rizwan has 3 ...



ANSACARD - The ANSATAG Enabled Business Cards

ANSA CARD is the ANSATAG enabled business card that is your business card for life. A person simply needs to scan tap or text your ANSACARD to receive ...

Facebook acquista WhatsApp - ANSA

Operazione da 19 miliardi di dollari, Wall Street scettica. ANSA è la più importante agenzia d'informazione in Italia. Immagini e storie da tutto il mondo: politica, ...

Intro Test - Nifty Phones

Intro of Nifty Phones. Made by Ansa Ador / Gaming Monster / Gaming with Ansa.

New Mobile phone China

New Mobile phone China #Zareenansari.

Apps for Android that steals your Personal Data !!!! Be Careful & know about these apps

Mobile Applications that steals your Personal Data!!! Be Careful and use it wisely!! Some of these apps are enlisted in this Video .. This is for our entertainers ...

Fortnite Mobile | Solo-Squad Victory | Pro Fortnite Mobile Player

Three-Minute Conflict (Una Ansa)

A boy discovers an interesting mobile app, and antics ensue. UNCSA 1201-05 Johnson.

Donna crocifissa, la polizia indaga indietro di 10 anni

Il caso della donna uccisa crocifissa a Firenze assomiglierebbe a a quello di 10 anni fa. Alcuni elementi, infatti, sembrerebbero ricorrenti, dice Lorenzo Bucossi, ...

Security risks and common mistakes in mobile application development

Speaker: KRISTAPS FELZENBERGS - Senior Quality Assurance engineer at TestDevLab SIA.

Goodbye Windows 10 Mobile... ADDIO

Tratto da Ansa live.

Ansa udaipur

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