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Dudes Talk Sh!t (Episode 22) - “GONE VIRAL”

Trump gets VERY drunk and attacks some breasts, TJ goes viral, some old school sex talk, the last word on Jussie Smollet and more!

Dirtier Than Ever cast on "Ripped Radio Network"

MalaCom Production and Credle Rock Films.

Ripped Radio Network LIVE!


Dudes Talk Sh!t - "Backlash" (Episode 26)

Unlike WWE's "Backlash" events, there was really backlash from what recently happened since our last show. TJ & Bryan explain the fallout from the last episode ...

LIve from the #StudioOnVideo Featuring Culture

Source: live 7/26/18 from Ripped Radio Network Studios.

WTF Episode 4 - "The Catch Up" -

Melissa is headed to beach and Trump just got home from Work.

"WTF" (Whatever The F**K) - Podcast Episode 1

Melissa and Trump premiere "Whatever The F**K" aka WTF Podcast! Melissa discusses life in LA, her injured ankle and more! Trump gets pulled over in July ...

How not to get ripped off when buying tickets

Ticketmaster employs a bag of tricks to boost profits, including partnering with scalpers. So what can fans do? Music journalist Alan Cross and CBC's Dave ...

The Brunch Bitches Chat with U Street TV

U Street TV, DC Art Scene, Ripped Radio Network, Cunilingus Classes.

Old School Bruja Radio

Recorded LIVE January 19, 2019 at Ripped Radio Studios.

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It's Old School Bruja Radio Time! Tune in at 1:30pm Ripped Radio Network You can also go to my website, scroll down, click the radio network logo and stream ...

Ripped Radio Network

Designed and edited - Julian Ashbee.

Ripped Radio Network LIVE!

Multistreaming with Recorded LIVE January 22, 2019 at Ripped Radio Studios.

Streetz Iz Talking ep1

This is the first episode of Streetz Iz Talking on the Ripped Radio network. Talking about the NFL boycott, Colin Kapaepernick, Ray Lewis (and his tight suit), and ...

WTF (Whatever The F**K) - Episode 3

Melissa updates us on her ankles, how did her date go? Trump's weird date last week and more!

WTF (Whatever The F**k) - Episode 2

Melissa has a dating dilemma...Trump has a surprise for her in June! Let the wine flow!

Dudes Talk Sh%t!

The first preview of the first of many new type shows on Ripped Radio Network's #YouTubeBlack series! Dudes Talk Sh*t (DTS) is not scripted nor formatted, but ...

Go With the Flo Radio Show Intro | Ripped Radio Network

Hello Everyone!! This is the video introduction to the GowiththeFlo radio show that's premiering this Thursday July 7th, 2016 at 6pm on Ripped Radio Network!

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