Controlled Demolition

In times, when metal bands turn softer, keyboards weaken the heavy sound, songwriting is done according to the book and everyone tries to cover mediocre music with a silly image - Paragon aim to make a point with their new album "Controlled DemolitionThey want to prove that their time isn't over yet, even though they're around for more than 30 years now. And they still write their music with the same huge amount of passion and tons of fun as before From the first to the very last second, "Controlled Demolition" is a kick in the ass of every ordinary happy metalhead. Paragon embedded even more speed and thrash elements into their classic heavy metal sound than before - but it has a lot of melody, too. They also tried to approach a more direct sound compared to previous productions. And producer Piet Sielck delivered: Paragon have never sounded so heavy and brutal but also so organic and true before.
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Controlled Demolition: Paragon: Musica
Controlled Demolition: Paragon: Musica
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