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Sonic LAB: SOMA Lyra 8 Drone Synth

The SOMA Laborary Lyra 8 is a Russian drone synthesizer with 8 tunable voices each, FM, dual delay, hyper LFO and distortion. It makes some pretty incredible ...

King Drone Synth

6 oscillator analog drone synth with ms-20 style LP/HP filter.

DroneSynth new interface jam

Jamming along to Hyperspace Happyface by Multiiverse using dronesynth and linux.

Drone Synth Demo (Devil's Triangle Drone / Paul in the Lab)

This is a one-take live demo of my DIY drone synthesizer/oscillator. 17 minutes of messing around with the knobs and oscillators to give you an idea of how this ...

Hropan - harsh noise/drone synth demo 2

Buy it here

Korg Volca Beats Tutorial - Using the Beats as a Dronesynth

In this video i'll explain how to use the Volca Beats to create some experimental drones and sound effects. Tutorial Thursdays playlist: ...


How many analog oscillaors is too many? i tried to work that out, but instead just made an extremely intense sounding box. dont forget to subscribe for weekly ...

CMOS Drone Synth

XOR CMOS oscillator.

Lyra 8 Organismic Synthesizer Drone Synth by Soma Laboratory :::Grind:::

One take, no processing at all. instagram: @drift___music.


Dronesynth, 360 and a Korg KR55. First proper test of the Dronesynth which was made on the dining room table. Visit for more ...

DroneSynth for android

a drone for your music needs.

DroneSynth Demonstration

Improvised performance on the DroneSynth demonstrating the various play modes, and capabilities of the instrument.

Noise-X by Madlab - Sci-fi Drone Synth with FX

The excellent Noise-X by Madlab, an odd looking device which makes insanely good sound effects, imposing drones and all kinds of sci-fi weirdness! It comes ...

Armagedrone Analog Drone Synth

Demonstration of analog synth called Armagedrone. Very easy in use and can produce powerful drone sounds.

Lyra-8 No Talk Noise Demo // Lyra-8 Organismic Drone Synth Demo

Please make sure to keep your volume at a moderate level. Due to the experimental quality of this synth some parts may become noisy to some, and extremely ...

Schmitt trigger oscillator 6 voices Drone Synth & Red Panda Particle

TC4584BP 3:49 - Red Panda Particle.

428Hz Psychedelic Vibrations, Gas Giant Track feat DroneSynth

DroneSynth playing some nice psychedelic vibrations for this track made by multiiverse.

Lo-Fi Lullabies [ nois drone synth ] Kaleidoloop


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