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Earthquake alert: 5.7 to 6.1 magnitude hits Luzon Philippine’s leaving damages and commotion:

Earthquake today in the Philippines.

Lindol Sa PIlipinas Ngayon lang APRIL 22 5PM 2019 | Earthquake ALERT 5.7 to 6.1 magnitude

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Lindol sa Pilipinas April 22 5PM 2019 part 2 kanina | Earthquake ALERT 5.7 to 6.1 magnitude

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Compilations of Lindol Sa PIlipinas Ngayon lang APRIL 22 5PM 2019.Earthquake ALERT 6.1 magnitude

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2019 is the YEAR of huge earthquakes there might be a BIG earthquake to hit California! But I hope I'm wrong! I just have a feeling and wanted to post this video ...


Exceptionally critical planetary and lunar geometry on March 24, 25 and 26 may trigger large to mega-thrust seismic activity from the 25th to the 30th whereby ...

Earthquake Warning: Nevada

Welcome to The EAS Experience. We create videos showing the Emergency Alert System in both realistic and extreme scenarios. If you like what you see, then ...

M5.3 Earthquake Puts Early Warning App To The Test

Even before seismologists at Caltech got a heads up on Thursday's tremor, one app being rolled out soon was notifying users. Rachel Kim reports.

//ALERT\\ 5.4 Earthquake Port Hardy, BC Canada / April 22, 2019

Morning D.E.W. Daily Events Worldwide This is a channel for the masses....

ShakeAlert—Earthquake Early Warning. How does it work?

ShakeAlert ( is an experimental earthquake early warning system (EEW) for the West Coast of the United States and the Pacific Northwest.

How this earthquake alert app could give the West Coast vital warning

West Coast residents go about life knowing seismic threats are lurking, but there's a lot that people can do before an earthquake hits if they have even a few ...

Earthquake Warning: California

If you like my videos, and would like to see more. or want to make an EAS request, visit my channel at: If you would ...

2016/11/22 Japan earthquake and tsunami alert (w/ roughly translated English subtitles)

Earthquake Sounds You Never Want to Hear in Japan

Earthquake and Tsunami Alarms. The different sounds for different warnings.

Earthquake Warning - February-March-April 2019 - HAVE A PLAN

Due to the absence of critical planetary geometry, we're currently experiencing a seismic lull period. This is probably going to change starting around February ...

Japan's Earthquake Early Warning System.

Ten-minute clip of Japan's earthquake early warning system. Both Japan and Mexico have earthquake early warning systems that lets people know of an ...

Japanese Tsunami Warning in English

Earthquake early warning and tsunami warning are issued.

Earthquake early warning drill in Tokyo school

Shows the kids getting under desks in response to earthquake warning. This is a drill. Provided by Peggy Hellweg.

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