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Color Autoharp Basic

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Color Autoharp v1.95

Autoharp - Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain

Written by Fred Rose. Nice song for the autoharp. Key of "D". Played bare fingered on a d'Aigle modified "D" 'harp. Although this is a simple song, chordwise, ...

Color autoharp for android

Autoharp: Coat Of Many Colours (Including lyrics and chords)

When I uploaded the song 'Lilly Dale' a couple of days ago, I noticed in the list of associated videos alongside mine there was one of Dolly Parton singing her ...

Autoharp 101 - Noodling on the Autoharp

This is the first amped video I did of my new Ray Choi Autoharp. I'm playing with my fingernails. It is one key (C), with chords I don't normally use. What I did, was ...

Color Autoharp multitouch arpeggios

Trying some arpeggios with Color Autoharp multitouch for Android by mookiebearapps.

Pomme - Coat of many colors " L'instantané de Contrejour "

Contrejour présente : L'instantané de Pomme - Coat of many colors Texte & Musique : Dolly Parton Réalisation et production : Martin Ducret & Nikolas ...

Color Autoharp for Android multitouch version

Multitouch version of Color Autoharp for Android by mookiebearapps This one lacks the dynamic volume for strumming but allows multiple strings to be touched ...

Pomme - Coat of many color ( cover Dolly Parton) - Saint Etienne [25. 05 .2016]

Camera Obscura- Honey in the Sun (autoharp cover)

One of my favorite songs to cover by one of my favorite bands! Thanks to Nick Esopenko for filming me! If you would like to follow me: Instagram: ...

KimWin_AutoHarp 12 Sound Sample

This is a 12-chord Oscar Smith autoharp, converted to diatonic key of F. It has glossy black color, and a flower shape sound hole. This short video shows how it ...

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (Autoharp cover)

Everything is Free - Autoharp Cover

I do not own this song.

La Gare - Pomme (Autoharp Cover)

Hello! Been a while ^^ j'espère que cette petite chanson vous aura plu. Pomme: La Gare performance by Pomme from which I was ...

Coat of Many colors playing autoharp

Better Day world Tour Biloxi,MS Oct 2011.

“Wildflowers” by Dolly Parton on autoharp

Courtney Act & Trixie Mattel Rehearsing with Willam

Courtney Act, Trixie Mattel, and Willam Belli backstage at Our Lady J's Gospel of Dolly.

Dolly Parton - Coat of many colors

Dolly Parton. Coat of many colors. Title song for the Coat of many colors album. Shown on the programme Country at the BBC, but originally from BBC Parkinson ...

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